Tuesday, May 23

Blue Hills and Red Cliffs

I came across a great online article on the Blue Hills, where Joe and I frequently take walks on the weekend. The vast, wooded reservation is full of trails and hills, some of which offer amazing views of Boston and Dorchester Bay and the surrounding area. Check out the link, which outlines some of the most noteworthy points of interest.

Also, Boston.com has created a cool interactive New England beach guide, which lists some of the region’s best beaches, and Moshup Beach at Aquinnah (Gay Head) on Martha’s Vineyard was designated the best beach for nude bathing:

New England is skimpy when it comes to clothing-optional beaches, but among the few, the unofficially nude area of Moshup Beach in Aquinnah on Martha’s Vineyard is tops, with warmer water than other island beaches. And it’s small enough that it doesn’t draw crowds. Just be sure to cover up as you walk to and from the nudity-friendly areas near the cliffs marbled with clay; the other side of the beach attracts fully clothed families. There is parking for nonresidents, but it’s limited, whether you’re naked or not.

Fortunately, most people would rather spend their weekend at the mall or in front of the television than hiking the Blue Hills, which is fine because the solitude is lovely. The past few times Joe and I have been there, we’ve come across maybe one other person. And as for Gay Head, Martha’s Vineyard isn’t exactly easy to get to. Once you’re on the island, moreover, Aquinnah is one of the more remote spots, and there are more accessible beaches than Moshup, which serves to thin out the crowds. In other words, the challenge involved in getting there means it’s never overrun with tourists or gawkers, though every summer Joe inevitably laments that there are fewer naked people and more swimsuits. I don’t see the swimsuits trying to reclaim the beach, but Joe often detects a conspiracy of prudes where I don’t (of course, in the case of Cummington Beach, there actually was such a conspiracy). That said, we wouldn’t mind seeing a few more hot guys enjoying the surf at Gay Head in the buff.

Anyway, to me it doesn’t matter. As long as the Wampanoag permit us to swim naked and stroll beneath the cliffs wearing nothing but a strand of seagrass tied around our waists, we’ll do it, even if we’re the only ones.


Blogger Brad said...

You are a couple of guys after my own heart. I could not agree more with everything about this post. From being able to enjoy solitude while hiking in woods to being in the buff outdoors via a nude beach. Being naked outdoors is one of lifes most simple pleasures. I am sure you can attest to the fact that when one does this for the first time, especially around others, they are generally nervous about it. I am sure you can also attest to the fact that feeling goes away VERY quickly and is replaced very quickly with a feeling of how "natural" it is to be that way and how "right" it feels. As you also know, none of this has a damn thing to do with sex either. Though it can and hopefully does at some point LOL. Being nude out of doors and in the company of others who are the sameway just cannot be described until you have experienced it.

I have always said, "If God had meant for us to all run around naked... we would have been born that way!"

9:05 AM  
Blogger The Persian said...

omg u so did not mention Cummington Beach. I have never been but the stories floating around about that place make me shudder. I will be honest, the idea of being nude in public does not appeal to me, hell I even sleep fully clothed.

I love Martha's Vinyard, my parents would take me there often (and Nantucket as well) when I was a child. We would spend two weeks each summer in Falmouth and catch the ferry at least once.

12:35 PM  
Blogger Sandouri Dean Bey said...

i was curious if you'd have heard of (or been to cummington). i'm sure we would have remembered you had we seen you there :)

cummington was an interesting place. one could go with friends and relax on the rocks by the river or on the small sandy beaches by some of the larger pools. most of the people were naked, but there was no rule that you had to be if you were the modest type.

while there was lots of cruising and sex that went on in the woods surrounding the river, it was for the most part discreet and unintrusive. one could be there simply to enjoy the beautiful and idyllic surroundings (naked or otherwise). it's only the wild stories that survive. picnics, cooling off in the stream, and naps in the sun generally don't make good stories. anyway, i was devastated when the state shut cummington down. all they did was ban parking there, but it was enough to discourage visitors.

to me it's the same as being at ptown. sure, there's cruising and sex in the dunes, but that shouldn't stop one from enjoying the beach.

don't worry, jim. if you come to gay head with us this summer, you can keep your suit on. as long as you don't mind if we shed ours :)

12:49 PM  
Blogger guy among the trees said...

Someday, you and J will have to introduce me to that mystical beach!

12:21 PM  
Blogger Sandouri Dean Bey said...

any time, treeboy. just name the day!!

i still remember you in your purple calvins up at crane beach. what memories...


12:35 PM  
Blogger Will said...

I can't believe you were the only ones unless Aquinnah has changed radically since I was last there. I love the place.

There was also Monstone Beach in southern Rhode Island that was idyllic with a great crowd of live-and-let-live naturists as its main users. There was a conspiracy there, too, led by Senator Chaffee who claimed nudists were trampling sown the dunes and beach grasses, comething I never saw at any time I was there. Naturists tend to be called naturists for more than just their love of shedding all clothing.

2:13 PM  

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